Hurricane at Cherry Lane

Bianca is thrilled to be working with The Collective NY again. This time assistant directing for Maria Dizzia on David Thigpen's Hurricane Party. 

Set in a southern coastal community in the advent of a major storm Hurricane Party is the love story of Macon and Dana and their mercurial spouses Todd and Caroline. As the storm outside of a debaucherous gathering threatens them with increasing speed the world inside and between them grows equally dangerous leaving us to wonder if there's any such thing as a safe place to hide. 

Hurricane Party opens September 11th at The Cherry Lane Theatre and is currently in previews. Click here for ticket info.

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Miami Web Fest!

Bianca is proud to announce that the pilot episode of 'Is This Life?' will be screened at Miami Web Fest in the Fall and has been nominated for an Audience Choice Award! 

'Is This Life?' is a web series following a young couple's struggle to find balance, and a sense of professionalism in their day to day lives.

The pilot episode is directed by Bianca Puorto, written by Bobby Daniel Rodriguez and produced by Cooper Lawrence and VOZ productions, with cinematography by Gui Fernandes and sound by Leah Kreitz. The episode stars Cooper Lawrence & Whitney Zanardi. 

Bianca is very grateful and excited for all involved!

The 'Is This Life' pilot episode will be screened at the Miami Web Fest in Fall 2017.

'Some Kids' at The Actors Studio

Bianca was thrilled to direct"Some Kids" by Julia Rae Maldonado, which premiered last night at The Actors Studio. The play was part of the annual 10 Minute Play Festival and featured Actors Studio Lifetime Members Geany Masai, Irwin Amos, and Barbara Spiegel. 


As the recipient of the St Francis College Theatre Grant, Bianca was able to produce a staged reading of Eggs by Julia Rae Maldonado. The reading took place at St Francis College and featured Kim Rios Lin, Gerrard James and Peter Ferraiolo.

Eggs is a play about immigrants and outsiders, semi-supernatural pregnancies, and what we're willing to sacrifice to feel like we belong somewhere. We thought this would be a great play to explore, update & discuss given today's political whackness.

From Left: Peter Ferraiolo, Gerrard James and Kim Rios Lin.

Is This Life?

In her TV/Web Series debut Bianca directed the first three episodes of "Is This Life", a web series about a young couple struggling to find balance and a sense of professionalism in their day to day life. Click here to watch!


Music Video!

Bianca is so proud to have worked on the music video for "La Cumbia Feminazi" by the incredible Renee Goust! Produced by VOZ productions, a company dedicated to telling stories that matter, and directed by Gui Fernandes, the song seeks to empower women everywhere. The experience of working on this video was equally life changing. Congrats to everyone involved!

Outstanding Director Award at MITF!

Bianca is pleased to announce her receipt of the Outstanding Director Award at the Midtown International Theatre Festival! She, along with her co-director Michael Blatt, were recognized for their work on WIMBERLEY by Julia Rae Maldonado.

New Work!

Bianca is excited to begin a new journey, as a member of the Playwright/Director Workshop at the legendary Actors Studio, in New York City, along with actor/playwright, Robert Montana Shilling. Together, they are working to develop a play documenting Shilling's experience as a United States Marine, his time in Iraq and his return  home.


Bianca has just come off working on set of the short film, Execs, as an acting coach for And She Flew productions!

Lab Intensive

This past week Bianca had the opportunity to take part in the Labyrinth Theater Company's Acting Intensive. She was honored to study with the great Scott Hudson and was able to take so much away from the experience to add to and further her work.


Last week Bianca graduated with her MFA from The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University! The grad ceremony was held at Madison Square Garden and celebrated with family and friends.